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Spring 2017 Catalog Cover



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A Wealth of Ideas

Fall comes to us as the beginning of the wind-down season. The last of the garden’s harvest is being brought in, gardens put to bed for the winter, kids are gearing up for a new year at school. For those of us whose summers are so busy — and whose isn’t! — the prospect of winter’s slow-down, with long evenings spent dreaming of next year’s possibilities, is a welcome one. We’ve worked to bring you a fall publishing season full of planning books, thoughtful books, and above all, practical books to put the right tools into your hands to help build a better, more vibrant world.

A wealth of tools, ideas, and solutions are presented in this season’s strong collection of transition, permaculture, gardening, and farming books. From mixing farming and entrepreneurship for strong, healthy farm businesses, to integrating permaculture into your market garden, along the way you’ll find options for year-round sustainable growing, renewable
energy and sustainable building.

There’s definitely something for every bookshelf, here — our very best to you through the cooler, quieter seasons.






Please click on the link to download our Fall 2016 catalog (in PDF).